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This is Not Where I Thought I Was Going
Photo of Linda Bittle, with shotgun over shoulder, standing in Idaho field.
April 2020. I’m now Pro Staff at ReelCamo Girl for my tracking skills! What a great women’s outdoor group. Check it out! Photo by Ron Bailey, Bailey Digital Images

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Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large — I contain multitudes. 

~ Walt Whitman

Tulip Festival

At the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, 2016

Hi, I’m Linda, and I’m surprised to find myself living a completely different life than the one I thought I’d have.

How does this happen?

We are complicated people. Where we start out in life is often not where we wind up. Who we are determines where we go, and who we are can change as we learn and grow.

This is about me as I am today:

A Sinner, Saved by the Blood of Jesus.

Woman * Farmer’s Daughter * Sister * Aunt and Great Aunt * Cousin * Niece * Dog and Cat Lover * Friend * Neighbor * High School Graduate * Retired, but Doing Freelance and Gig Work * Half-sister * Blood Doner * Patriot * Conservative * Christian * Teacher * Native Missourian

Storyteller * Writer * Blogger * Photographer * Western Writers of America Associate Member * Community Book Project Author * Chicken Soup for the Soul Author * Content Creator for ReelCamo Girl * Remote Bookkeeper * Author * Penmo Content Writer * Captioner * 

 * Wildlife Tracker – Level 3 in Track and Sign, CyberTracker Conservation                     * Anake Graduate 2006-2007, Wilderness Awareness School                                         * Tracking Intensive Graduate 2008-2009, Wilderness Awareness School                     * ReelCamo Girl Pro Staff * Conservationist * Hunter * Skeet Shooter * Hiker               * Fly-tier * Outdoors Woman * Tent Camper * Tenkara Fly-fisher * Naturalist               * Admirer of Pointing Dogs * Bird Watcher * Rockhound * Hiker * Proud Supporter of Quail Forever * National Wild Turkey Federation * Ducks Unlimited * Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation * Washington Outdoor Women * NRA *


Kitchen Table Herbalist * Gardener * Forager * The Grow Network Street Team * Cordial Maker *  

Introvert * Avid Reader * Bookkeeper * Collector of Target Balls * Off-key Singer * Basket Maker * Needle Crafter * Cook * Scrapbooker * Blood Donor * Volunteer * Country Music and Bluegrass Fan * Amateur Historian * Occasional Chicken Wrangler * Ice Cream Enthusiast * Traveler * Lifelong Student * Hard Worker * Baker * Movie Lover * Unrepentant Carnivore * Timid Driver * Chocoholic * Silk Ribbon Embroidery Designer * Citizen Scientist * Teacher * Grateful Optimist *


This is not a complete list, is in no particular order, and is subject to change as I grow and learn.



This is about me as I used to be. These things are important to my story, too:

Wife * Daughter and Sister-in-Law * Stepdaughter * Stepsister * Granddaughter * Nurse’s Aide * Newborn Nursery Attendant * Non-Profit Bookkeeper * Purchasing Assistant * Friends of the Library Board Member * Daycare Business Manager * Elementary School Custodian * Heritage Festival Board Member * Hospital Nutrition Services Room Service Clerk * Former Washingtonian * Former Idahoan * The New Kid in lots of Schools…

Also, not a complete list, and subject to change over time.



Each list contains both descriptives that I chose, and those that were chosen for me, or that just happened in the course of life.

Some good, some not so good. Some incredibly painful. None of my Grandparents are living, so I don’t consider myself to still be a granddaughter. But those good people have much to do with the person I am today.

Life is a journey, and my roadmap has been filled with dead ends, detours, and sideshows. I’ll bet yours has been, too.

But whether or not we reach our original destination isn’t as important as if we enjoy the ride. I hope you’ll tag along on mine…


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