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This is Not Where I Thought I Was Going

# 21- Inspirational Stories Are Hard to Tell

It’s counter-intuitive, but the closer I get to writing about the most inspirational year of my life, the harder it is for me to sit down and actually do it.

Followers of my story may have noticed that I’ve stalled out on the getting ready to leave Missouri part. I’ve hinted at the many and varied people, events, and things that shook me out of my post-divorce doldrums and sent me off on an adventure worth writing about.

There’s a popular thought that says, “Tell your story. Someone needs to hear it.” And I know I’ve benefited from hearing and reading about the struggles, the failures, and ultimate successes of others. A good memoir is one of my favorite types of books to read. And the good ones always reveal an awful lot about the writer.

Inspiration! A late summer pasture with mountains in the background and wild sunflowers to the fore.
Wild sunflowers decorate the fence line of a late summer pasture scene. Dusty haze hangs in the air, and the grass is in need of rain. Fall will come soon, and bring the rain. Inspiration will follow, too. Photo by Linda Bittle

So why is it so hard to get to the good parts?

It’s fear, of course. To write honestly, one must be willing to tell the truth. Even, or especially, when the truth gets ugly or painful. It’s not easy to get to the level of truth that I want to write at. So, yes, it’s fear. And fear is generally met in one of three ways. We run, we fight, or we freeze.

I’ve always been a freezer. It’s often served me well.

Also, I want to tell the story well. My particular unplanned life upheaval worked out for me. I hope that telling a compelling story will show someone else that it’s possible to completely change the trajectory of a life gone off the tracks.

Just because we don’t end up where we started to go does not mean that we have failed. We might even create something better if we are brave enough to try!

“It’s very important that we tell the truth. Don’t tell everything you know, but do tell the truth.”

~ Dr. Maya Angelou

Please do stick with me. I promise I’ll get to the good parts. I just have to know which parts are worth telling, and which parts should remain private. The truth does set you free – if you know what parts to keep to yourself.

Interestingly, this is the anniversary of the week I left Missouri in 2006. A lot has happened since then, and almost none of it was planned. There have been lots of struggles along the way, and lots of small successes and large victories, too.

Like I’ve said, this is not where I thought I was going. But I’m glad to be where I’m at.


  1. Linda Barksdale

    Thank you, brave lady, for telling your life story. Praying the Holy Spirit will guide you as you choose what and how to share. Miss you, but so happy that you are happy right where you are.

    1. Linda Bittle (Post author)

      Thank you for your kind words.


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